Child protection - Van Den Brink Case: no police investigation...

According to Ben van den Brink:

In 2009, Ben discovers that his two daughters, Demi and Nirvana, are being abused by Ype Minkema, his wife’s father. Ben’s wife is Leonie Minkema.

The girls, Demi and Nirvana, are also being abused by members of the child abuse ring to which Ype belongs.

Leonie tells Ben that she has been abused by her father, Ype, and others. 
Ben is furious and runs to Ype’s house. Ype has already called the police.

Arriving at Ype’s doorstep Ben is surrounded by 11 police cars.


Ben is arrested ‘for threatening Ype’, and is jailed for six months. 

There is no police investigation of Ype, a man of influence in the local community. The police do not allow Ben to file a criminal complaint against Ype.

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